This is a simple collection of affiliate links to services i use and can recommend. I thought it better to consolidate them in a single page rather than splatter them across the whole site.

If any of the services listed appeal to you please use my links so that i can derive some benefit.

Cheap phone calls/SMS

A provider of phone numbers from many countries around the world and cheap national and international call rates.

This is my UK mobile provider of choice. We both get a free month (and occasionally additional offers) if you sign up using this link.

UK Cashback

A great way to get cashback just for buying what you were planning to buy anyway! Lots of offers and deals available from many well-known UK retailers. Over the years i've received a few hundred in cashback without changing my spending habits.

Quidco has a referral scheme that allows you to customise how much of £10 the referrer and referred split between them (payable when the referred makes their first £5 in cashback). I've included a few below so you can decide on the split.

UK financial services

Banking (mobile app-based)

Share trading

Virtual servers

Domain registration

Subscription services